Welcome to LOVESTAYS®

Thank you for visiting our exclusive creative boutique about love where you can only get my art designs here at this one online store.

"The greatest energy in the universe powers our hearts." -JC Lauren

The inspiration of LOVESTAYS® came from my dog, Ivy, the night before she passed on. Through tears of her leaving me, I ‘heard’ her say, “My love stays with you.”

I'll never forget that moment. It changed me. In the midst of life's struggles, you can have peace.

LOVESTAYS® was born.

"Fill us at daybreak with your love, so that we can sing for joy as long as we live." -Psalm

The path of expressing all this and wanting to do something to help spread the message of the love that stays here and beyond was for me to create art designs on apparel and accessories.

This is my way of keeping the experience and passing it on. It is a grounding force living each day in faith and believing, caring about animals, nature, freedom of thought, what is real and true - - - feeling the inspiriting power of love that guides you everyday!


JC Lauren & Willow

This is me trying to take a selfie with my sweet rescue kitty, Willow. She was found in the Arizona desert. I was at a pet store when someone brought her in and we immediately connected and home she came with me. She was just 10 days old. 😍